Volunteer Steward Application Form

GDSS Music Festival can’t run without its army of fantastic volunteers and while this work is unpaid we’re confident that it will be worth your while. Not only is it a great experience with free entrance to some fabulous music, but you’ll also have amazing opportunities to meet like‐minded people.

Each year we recruit around 20 volunteers. We are looking for volunteers aged 16+ to act mainly as stewards at this year’s event. But there are some roles for backstage and on the main entrances.

You will work 3‐4 hour shifts and have the rest of the day at the festival to yourself.

Stewards help control crowds, directing attendees, pointing out amenities, and creating a happy, vibrant atmosphere.

Duties involve manning the fire exits and perimeter of the festival, checking wristbands at the gates, keeping an eye out for suspicious behaviour, litter picking and providing general information and directions to the public. Ensuring cars are being parked in an orderly manner. All volunteers will be given information on what to do in an emergency and the posts will also have a security guard stationed with them or within site. Volunteers will not be expected to get involved if anything happens, in regard to the public misbehaving, just to report it to the nearest security guard.

Full training will be given before the day.

If you’re interested in volunteering at GDSS Music Festival 2023 please fill out the form below.

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21st June 2025

After careful consideration, we have decided that the next Music Festival will be in 2025 on Saturday 21st June!
So in 2024, Great Dunmow can focus on the Flitch Trials, and the GDSS team can work hard on producing an even bigger and better event. We want even more people to enjoy the music!