Mash-Up Society

GDSSS line-up Mash-up Society
Old skool (Unplugged). One of the most original acts around, playing acoustic mash-ups & medleys of 90s r'n'b classics, noughties hip hop, chart & the odd garage/house anthem. Pioneers of mashup pluckery.
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The Mash-Up Society are one of the most original acts around, playing mash-ups and medleys on acoustic guitars, covering everything from old skool house & garage anthems, 90s r’n’b classics, noughties hiphop and the odd rock/indie mix.

Our set includes The Prodigy, Usher, Vanilla Ice, Nomad, Technotronic and Prince. Where else could you hear Kris Kross & Macklemore mixed with House of Pain, or Nirvana & Oasis with Outhere Brothers???

Right here. No diggity, no doubt.

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21st June 2025

After careful consideration, we have decided that the next Music Festival will be in 2025 on Saturday 21st June!
So in 2024, Great Dunmow can focus on the Flitch Trials, and the GDSS team can work hard on producing an even bigger and better event. We want even more people to enjoy the music!