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Helen Rollason Cancer Charity Christmas Tree Recycling Campaign

Helen Rollason Cancer Charity Christmas Tree Recycling Campaign

Great Dunmow Summer Solstice are proud to be supporting the Helen Rollason Cancer Charity at our 2023 festival.

The charity have asked us to share their Christmas tree recycling campaign.

Please click on this link to register your tree collection.

Helen Rollason Cancer Charity Christmas Tree Recycling Campaign

We welcome a donation and in exchange we will collect your Christmas tree, take it away and recycle it for you. No hassle, no waste and no needles in your car!

Collecting in: CM1, CM2, CM3 2, CM3 3, CM3 4, CM8, CM9 and CO5 0

Did you know?

£5 Donation could fund refreshments in our centres which our clients can enjoy prior or after their treatment.

£10 Donation could fund one of our clients attending a support group.

£50 Donation could fund a complementary therapy treatment including reflexology and massage.

£50 Donation could support a counselling session for one of our clients.

£100 could fund a manual lymphatic drainage treatment for one of our clients.

What you need to know about this year’s Collection

Our team of amazing volunteers will be collecting in your area on:

Friday 6th January, Saturday 7th January and Sunday 8th January.

Registration closes on Tuesday 3rd January.

Remember to decant any decorations, take the tree out of the pot (if it has one) or remove the base. We cannot remove or recycle these.

Your tree must be ready to collect by 8am, please note we cannot guarantee what time your tree will be collected.

Your tree must be left in a clear, unobstructed, and visible location. If possible, without causing obstruction – on the path in front of your property.

Due to Health and Safety policy our lovely volunteers are unable to, under any circumstances, enter your property (e.g. house, garden, gated driveway) or any confined or restricted space to access your tree.

If you would like to get involved with the collection, volunteer your time or help in any way to help please get in contact with us.

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21st June 2025

After careful consideration, we have decided that the next Music Festival will be in 2025 on Saturday 21st June!
So in 2024, Great Dunmow can focus on the Flitch Trials, and the GDSS team can work hard on producing an even bigger and better event. We want even more people to enjoy the music!